Friday, 24 February 2012

Which Fruit Suits to Your Birthday

Are you curious to know which fruit will bring you best of success and lot of fortune in your daily life? Based on numerology and your ruling number, find out which fruit is lucky for you!

According to Numerology, the sum of your date of birth is regarded to be your ruling number. If you were born on the 5th day of the 30 days, your ruling number is 5, and if you were born on the 25th of the 30 days, your judgment variety is 7 (2+5).

Ruling No 1
As a number 1 person you will do best to start your day with an apple. As well as being wonderful, you create an outstanding team innovator and really like to travel.

Ruling No 2
Bananas are regarded to be lucky for all you number 2 people. You are soothing, warm and supportive by nature. Beauty is very vital to you.

Ruling No 3
As an positive number 3 person you’re lucky fruit is the grape. Quick witted and notify, you like to remain on top of any situation.

Ruling No 4
As a conventional variety 4 individual mangoes are the fruit of option for you. You really like problems and have powerful needs which cannot be modified.
Ruling No 5
For a innovative number 5 person, cherries are the fruit of choice. You have wealthy thoughts and are extremely devoted in your personal as well as your relationship.

Ruling No 6
Number 6 people are responsible and you’re lucky fruit is the orange. You will slowly but continuously reach your objectives. You try to keep away from conflict.

Ruling No 7
As a practical and innovative number 7, you’re lucky fruit is the papaya. You are classy and have a stylish taste along with a wonderful sense of humor.

Ruling No 8
As well as being a leader, you believe in planning as a number 8 person and you’re lucky fruit is the pineapple. You think in making new friends for life.

Ruling No 9
As a thoughtful and caring number 9 person, you’re lucky fruit is the peach. You have fantastic interaction skills and make a perfect sweetheart.


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