Thursday, 23 February 2012

Basic Tips for Yoga Beginners

If you are a yoga beginner or considering having a go at yoga exercises then here are some of guidelines to get you started; some guidance for any yoga exercises starter.

1. Find a Yoga Exercises Teacher
It is much easier and further enjoyable, to learn yoga exercises, with all its particular and simple mental and physical factors, from a knowledgeable, certified, real-three-dimensional-living-breathing person, rather than from a book or video. Particularly at the beginning, a teacher’s presence and capability to actually see you and respond to what you are doing, is important for building your confidence that you are doing yoga effectively.
2. Respect your body’s inner wisdom and limitations
Don’t force yourself to do anything that seems risky or wrong for you. This is ‘Ahimsa’, the exercise of non-harm, which is important to skilful and beneficial exercise of yoga. Discuss to your teacher and a health professional if you are pregnant or have particular injuries such as to the knees or backbone, or any serious medical condition. Discover out which creates to prevent at certain times, and which will be valuable for you.

3. Breathe
Yoga is all about finding a better, deeper harmony between our body and mind, and our breathing is central to this. Breathe into your whole body in the poses, and relax. There is a lot to learn about healthy respiration in yoga.

4. Never evaluate yourself with others
Look inwards to your own progress; there will always be more flexible, powerful and wonderful people around in your yoga class, as in life. Yoga may be fashionable, but it is not a viewer game or a competition. Appreciate the simple success of your own exercise; the best aspect of it is on the inside, in the healing awareness and unity of your own body, mind and spirit.

5. Be conscious of the place around you
Yoga sessions can be loaded out; be aware of the need to leave enough places between yourself and others so that if you fall from your Tree Pose, you do not knock over your friend too. There is certain manner of sincere awareness of sharing space with others that is a lovely aspect of yoga exercises.

6. Have a feeling of humor
Yoga is a basic, targeted action, but we need not to take ourselves too seriously. We may feel clumsy and stiff as a panel as we try to navigate ourselves into new poses. Humbleness, an inner smile and a bit of gentleness can save us from pushing ourselves to the point of stress and injury.


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