Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Styles of Shoes Every College Girl Should Own

Whether you are the kind of young girl who needs an individual cabinet for your shoes alone, or the type who only purchases a new pair when your fall-back flats have absolutely worn out, there are particular shoes designs that every college girl should own. Need an excuse to go shopping? Go through my guidelines of the stylish shoes for every girl should own to see if you have them all, or maybe need a closet update:

1. “Career” Heels:
You might not have a job that needs more than tennis shoes right now, but college moves quick and you want to be ready for possible internships, interviewing, and awards and finding for your fantasy job post-grad. Look for a well-made, relaxed, all-purpose dark-colored shoes with a low heel that you can walk around in all day without seeking to rip out your eye lash plug-ins. Top quality will probably run you at least $50, but a shoes that will be used to several events needs to be comfort and relaxed.

2. Going-Out Pumps
From keg events, to Halloweens dances, to inexpensive margarita pitcher night time at the local bar, we for eternity have a purpose to go out. To look your best and get you in a having a partying mood, every college girl should own a couple of fun going-out pushes. Select a heel height that you can handle: for anyone a supermodel-in-training go for the 4, 5+ inchers otherwise follow 3″ and below. Do not fear about spending a lot of money on these shoes, you are likely not going to wear them as often and want to upgrade to the next pattern in 6 months anyway.

3. High Boots
These can be worn for a night out on the town when the weather is chilly, to class, shopping, out to dinner: the alternatives are endless and a great pair of tall footwear can be truly flexible. The budget is up to you: if you want to go for a stylish look, like over-the-knee footwear, aim for a less costly pair, since they’ll be out of design sooner. If you choose classic style, aim for high cost, and thus higher quality footwear that you are going to wear forever.

4. Ballet Flats
If you don’t already own 16 pairs of ballet flats it’s time you grabbed a pair. These bad boys combine the best of all worlds: comfort, style, and functionality. You can wear these pretty much day-to-day, to class or the shopping center, and even outfit them up with tights and a awesome outfit for an evening look that will not leave you blistered in the morning. The best aspect is ballet apartments are now so well-known, you are guaranteed to discover a style that meets your flavor.

5. Comfy Almost-Slippers
I feel like every college girls needs a couple of extremely comfy slipper shoes, even if they only wear them around their house. Look for couple of warm and comfortable shoes with just sufficient structure to permit you simply to move from factor A to factor B, and more than enough fluff and fuzz to create you wonder why they are not designed like pink bunnies.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for some shoe-shopping now. What is your college girl shoe essential? What do you think of my picks? Are there any you would dump, any you would add? Let me know in the comment section. The best couples for every college girl’s tootsies? Something every college girl should know.


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