Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Multi-headed Animals

It is does not arise very often, except every once in a while a creature is born with two heads. These unusual two headed animals usually never seem to stay very long, but while they are alive they sure are an amazing to look at. Bicephalic or tricephalic animals are the only form of multi-headed animals seen in actual world and are formed by the same process as conjoined twins. Take a double look at these two-headed animals.

1.  Multi - Headed Frog
2. Multi - Headed Zebra
3. Multi - Headed Snake
4. Multi - Headed Sheep
5. Multi - Headed Giraffe
6. Multi - Headed Ardea alba
7. Multi - Headed White Rat
8. Multi - Headed squirrel
9. Multi - Headed Snake

10. Multi - Headed Gorilla

 11. Multi - Headed Seal
13. Multi - Headed Tortoise


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