Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Collection of Currency Notes

Money it occupies important position in our life. Man without money is like a corpse. Every countries has their unique currency and symbols. The currencies or bank Notes like yen, dollar, rupees, pound, euro etc. Its value is differ from other countries based on the shares its value may goes up or down. Now and Since earlier days the value of a human determined by money. Through their symbols the currency is identified. Money is the basic investment of various sectors like financial department, insurance, share, gold, savings etc. Now your favorite incredible snaps shows those currencies of the country. I found this currency images from Here. Lets enjoy the snaps and gain knowledge.

Afghani Afghanistan Islamic Republic
Afghani Afghanistan Islamic Republic
australia dollar
Australia Dollar
Austrian schilling euroaustria
Austrian Schilling Euroaustria
Canadian dollar canada
Canadian Dollar Canada
Cuban peso cuba
Cuban Peso Cuba
Danish krone denmark
Danish Krone Denmark
Dinar Iraq
Dinar Iraq
DM eurogermany
DM Eurogermany
Dollar Singapore
Dollar Singapore
domestic currency of Vanuatu australia
Domestic Currency of Vanuatu Australia
DramsArmenia Republic
Drams Armenia Republic
Egyptian poundEgypt
Egyptian Pound Egypt
Emirati dirhamunited arab emirates
Emirati Dirhamunited Arab Emirates
Franc France
Franc France
Gulden euro Netherlands
Gulden Euro Netherlands
Indian rupee india
Indian Rupee India
Italian lira euroitaly
Italian Lira Euroitaly
Kenyan shillingKenya
Kenyan ShillingKenya
KinaPapua New Guinea Republic
KinaPapua New Guinea Republic
Kuwaiti dinar
Kuwaiti Dinar
Kyat of Burma Myanmar
Kyat of Burma Myanmar
Lira Turkey Turkey
Lira Turkey
Mexican peso
Mexican Peso
Moroccan dirham morocco
Moroccan Dirham Morocco
Nepalese rupee nepal
Nepalese Rupee Nepal
New Zealand dollar
New Zealand Dollar
Peso Chili chile
Peso Chili Chile
Portuguese escudo euroPortugal
Portuguese Escudo EuroPortugal
Real brazil
Real Brazil
Rupee Pakistan
Rupee Pakistan
Saudi riyal saudi arabia
Saudi Riyal Saudi Arabia
ShekelIsrael Republic
ShekelIsrael Republic
South Korean wons
South Korean Wons
Sri Lankan rupee
Sri Lankan Rupee
Swiss franc
Swiss Franc
the ManatAzerbaijan Republic
The ManatAzerbaijan Republic
the TakaBangladesh National Republic
The TakaBangladesh National Republic
the TalaSamoa Independent state
The TalaSamoa Independent State
Surinam dollarSurinam
Surinam DollarSurinam
TogrogMongolia Republic
TogrogMongolia Republic
US dollar The USA
US Dollar The USA
vatu domestic currency of Vanuatu australia
Vatu Domestic Currency of Vanuatu Australia
Ye japan
Ye Japan
Yuan china
Yuan China



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