Friday, 30 November 2012

Penguin - Beauty on Earth - II

Penguin any of 18 species of flightless marine birds that live only in the Southern Hemisphere. The majority of the 18 species live not in Antarctica but rather between latitudes 45° and 60° S, where they breed on islands. A few penguins inhabit temperate regions, and one, the Galapagos penguin, lives at the Equator.

Penguins are some of the most recognizable and beloved birds in the world, often found in zoos, aquariums and marine parks worldwide. They are also some of the most unique and amazing birds because of their physical adaptations to survive in unusual climates and to live mostly at sea.

Facts About Penguins

There are 18 species of penguin in the world. While some species are widespread and thriving, 13 of them have declining populations.

While swimming, penguins will leap in shallow arcs above the surface of the water, a practice called porpoising.

Penguins are primarily found only in the Southern Hemisphere.

Penguins’ eyes work better underwater than they do in the air.

Penguins are carnivores that catch all their food live in the sea.

Penguins are highly social, colonial birds that form breeding colonies numbering in the tens of thousands.

Emperor penguins and king penguins do not make any sort of nests.

Depending on the species, a wild penguin can live 15-20 years. During that time, they spend up to 75 percent of their lives at sea.

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