Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What Does Love Mean

I know that I have certainly reached each one of you reading, with at least one of these idea provoking questions. Did you still consider such a small sweet word like LOVE could be so full of emotion and feelings? Love has a lot of meanings:

what does Love mean

Love means trust, even when all the cards are against you.
Love means understand at all costs.
Love means accept all without question.
Love means allowing a stranger into your heart.
Love means smiling when anyone else would frown.
Love means hugging when he cries.
Love means being silent when silence is needed.
Love means putting his feelings first.
Love means being fair.
Love means expecting fairness.
Love means commitment.
Love means fitting together.
Love means laughter.
Love means partnership.
Love means being independent.
Love means forgiveness.
Love means patience.
Love means pain.
Love means sacrifice.
Love means supporting.
Love means feeling complete.
Love means never going to bed mad.
Love means GIFT.

If you have the gift of love, cherish it, nurture it, and treat it with respect.
Never push it away, or hurt it. Never, ever abuse it, or treat it like a door mat. Embrace it. To have the gift of love is truly an inner beauty feeling. People say they love, but truly they have no clue what love is.


Love can be just as painful as it can be beautiful. It can turn on you in a heartbeat. It can become your worst enemy. It can twist your world and turn it upside down, leaving you feeling alone and empty. Love is a very powerful gift. It is when one finds true love that all of the feelings, good and bad come together. That is when they are organized and compromised to make two people into one.

It is when we are one that we join forces against the world and battle together. Sometimes it feels easier to go it alone, but it is the word, “alone” that really scares me. I would rather risk it all with someone, then to be alone. To say yes to the questions above tells you that you have risked it and are in love!


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