Thursday, 27 September 2012

Am I in Love? (Questions of the Heart)

Do you feel your brains turn to mush as soon as cupids arrow spears your heart?
Did your heart ever become your goal?
Did he become your world?
Do you feel the need to control him?
Do you want to be his everything?
Did you ever change your entire world to be with him?
Did he, for you?
Do you want his eyes to be only on you?

Am I in Love

Do you feel like you can never say anything right?
Do you try to share your thoughts with him, only to alienate him?
Do you tear your hair out every time he looks at you like you are an alien?
Do you wish today was as sweet as the first day that you laid your eyes on him?
Do you wish you had never heard any stories about his past?
Do you wish he never heard yours?
Do you expect him to read your mind?
Do you think you can read his mind?
Do you worry about things that he cannot even comprehend?
Do you imagine his answers, when he gives you none?
Do you constantly question his feelings for you?
Do you question his every decision?
Do you feel like a wallflower?
Do you wish he would not interpret your needs for weakness?
Did you grow up believing love would be safe and non confronting?
Do you like the feeling of mistrust?
Does he?
Do you feel that you are the only one in this relationship?
Did you ever think that you would feel so torn apart when you argued with someone?
Did you think that you could be so hateful with someone you love so much?
Did you ever look just at someone and just feel total unconditional love for them?
Did you think that he too would feel incompetent during sex?
Do you know that he too suffers when you look upon him with disappointment?
Does he try to reach out to you in his time of need for affection and understanding?
Do you turn away from him, hoping that he will turn to you?
Do you feel like hiding from his eyes when you feel threatened by another female?
Does he understand you at that time?
Does he support you when you feel weak and failing?
Do you support him?
Do you allow him inside your head when all you want to do is die?
Do you come home and ask him how his day was?
Do you reach for him in the quiet of the night?
Does he reach out for you?
Does he make you feel sexy with just one look?
Do you crave his touch?
Does he kiss you passionately?
Do you kiss him back?
Do you love him with all your heart and soul?
Would you die for him?
Would he die for you?

If you have the gift of love, cherish it, nurture it, and treat it with respect.
Never push it away, or hurt it. Never, ever abuse it, or treat it like a door mat. Embrace it.


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