Friday, 31 August 2012

Cute Footprints Created By Stones

Initially from Scotland but now living in South East England, proletarian photographer Iain Blake discovered these amazing stones made footprints out of them. Not only are the stones themselves excellent discovers, but the images are well taken and the structure is just amazing. View More Creative Art here.

13 Foot Square
Family Circle
Follow the Leader
Leave Only Footprint
Leave Footprints B&W
Little Big Foot
Mind The Step
Paw Print
Paw Prints a
Love on the Beach
Small Medium Large footprint
Spot the Difference
Step Forward
Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones footprint
Stone Paw
Three in a Bed
Toe The Line
United Colours
Walk The Line
Ying Yang on Wood
YingYang Feet
small medium large

From feet to footprints of all styles, this is a fun sequence and a fun venture you can do yourself! To observe the whole sequence, examine out the 26-picture collection on Flicker.


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