Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Magical Stairway Secrets of San Francisco

The title might mix up you. How can a stairway take us to heaven? But believe me on seeing images below you will believe in me. These incredible phase situations in San Francisco are really amazing. Most of us seen Unbelievable interior designs but this is really outstanding stairway art work. 

Megical Stairway
Here you will as well get some amazing views of the Golden Gate city and the mainly interesting of all will be seeing a wonderful variety that has 163 steps. The factor which makes this stair case wonderful is that the steps consist of more than 2,000 hand crafted tiles and 75,000 parts of stained glass, mirrors, and tiles.
Print on Stairs
Each single item in the stair case has information on it. It makes a wonderful story with water, blossoms, plants, frogs, and birds when we look at it from a distance. You experience like heaven because at the very top is a wonderful sun. The whole thing is relevant to nature.
Stairway in San Francisco
This art piece is designed by mosaic specialist Colette Crutcher and Irish ceramist Aileen Barr. They finished it with the help of thousands of volunteers from the group in two and a half years and revealed it in 2005. A identical step in Rio De Janeiro Brazil is the motivation of this stair case.
Beautiful Sun Prints


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